What Community means to Shaw Wood Academy :

Community Understanding our place within communities is a vital part of enabling us all to become successful citizens. At Shaw Wood our aim is to ensure that all our pupils are confident members of and contributors to the school community, our local community and the wider world. Our curriculum is broad, balanced and planned so that pupils participate in learning that is relevant to their local environment but that also embraces the philosophies of excellence and enjoyment outside their day to day life experiences. Our innovative use of technology to support learning across the international community enables us to help our pupils understand that they belong to a society that is culturally rich and that they should recognise and respect the different views, beliefs and opinions of others at all times. Working with parents, governors and a wider range of community members we work actively to empower our pupils to have a voice about the decisions that affect them and to develop the skills of self-knowledge and self-esteem that will enable them to contribute positively and in a balanced way to the wider community as responsible citizens.

What Community means to Pupils at Shaw Wood Academy :

‘’A community is a group of people living in the same area but to us it is much more. To us it is about friends sharing and working together to create a wonderful atmosphere where everyone feels welcomed and privileged – By Brodie, Logan and Keeton (Year 6 2014-2015).’’