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For new nursery placements and additional sessions


Looking for a placement for your child?

We currently have places still available for children looking to start nursery for this year, with numerous options for times and days. We also have places for children eligible to 30 hours.


Additional sessions and cost

We are also able to offer additional sessions for both new and existing nursery members. Parents that wish to purchase extra sessions can do so at a cost of £14 per additional sessions.


Contact us

For more information about new placements or additional sessions, please see the relevant letters (right-hand side of this page), speak to a member of the nursery team or contact the office.


The deadline for places this year is the 31st of October, please register ASAP.

For current nursery placements


Welcome to a new school year. The children are settling in really well and already learning new skills such as playing together, sharing and ‘having a go’ at new activities. You have been given a letter regarding your child’s Key Person who will record their development and next steps in learning. Keep checking our ‘Parent’s Notice Board’ for information and tips to help your child.


Water Bottles

Please make sure your child has their water bottle in school and that it is refilled at the beginning of each session.


For information about free school milk, please click here.

Snack and lunch time

Just a reminder, snack is 50p a week, which we will collect per half term. The total for this half term is £4.00 for children who started on 2nd September and £3.50 for children who started w/c 9th September. Please give it to a member of staff.


Please ensure your child has spare clothing in their bag each day, especially underwear for those little accidents. As the weather changes the children will need their wellington boots and a coat as we play out in all weathers. Please make sure all clothing is named and continue to support your child’s independent skills by helping them practise putting on and fastening their coats.


We will start Library on Wednesday 18th September. The children will be able to choose from a range books within their group with the support from their Key Person. Please return the book the following Monday or Wednesday, if your child attends our Wednesday Thursday and Friday sessions. Keep it in your child’s book bag and put it into the wooden box in the cloak room.


Will be every Wednesday. Please ensure that your child comes to school wearing school uniform on top, black, navy blue or grey leggings or jogging bottoms not jeggings please). Please ensure your child wears their school shoes and children with long hair need to have their hair tied back. Children will start joining in P.E. sessions as soon as the staff feel they are ready.


For the first few weeks we will be getting know each other learning names, routines and how to play with all the resources on the Learning Labs. We will talk about what we look like such as: colour of hair, if it is long or short, colour of eyes. We will also be learning new rhymes and developing our listening skills while following simple instructions.

What are we learning about this half term?

In maths we are getting a feel for numbers by singing number songs, rhymes, counting children, snacks and toys. We will be sorting, grouping and comparing objects and recognising when they are the same or different.

In Communication and Language we are practising our listening skills, following simple instructions and talking to each other about what we have been doing.

What you can do at home to help your child:

Practise taking shoes, socks and coats on and off. Read simple stories as often as possible talking about what you see in the pictures. Practise early number skills by counting toys or food on dinner plates (peas, chips). With adult supervision practise cutting snips in paper then progress to cutting out pictures in old magazines.

Thank you for your support.

Nursery Team: Miss McGeachie, Mrs Godfrey, Mrs Ross, Miss Evans.

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