This term we will be learning about the Wild West. We will be looking at where it is, who lived there, features of the landscape and map work linked to the areas of the Wild West.


This half term our focus in maths is fractions, measures, compass directions and time.


This term the children will be writing their own stories based on The Three Little Javelinas. We will be writing facts about the Wild West and how they lived.

In Mr Penno's English group we will be focussing on grammar, spellings, using different conjunctions and how to structure a story.

In Miss Kelly's English we will be focussing on basic punctuation and using contractions in writing e.g. I'll, we'll. We will also continue to look at different conjunctions. We will be focussing

on different sentence openers and using different vocabulary.


The children will continue to be taught word processing skills. They will be applying their learning to their topic work.

Science This term we will be looking plants and animals. We will be focussing on how flowering plants work and why we need plants for life and growth. We will be comparing plants and animals in the Wild West compared to the UK.

Physical Education

This half term we will be working on gymnastics and dance. Your child will need their indoor P.E. kits on a Tuesday but still bring outdoor kit in case the hall is unavailable.

Our production!

The production of Ye Ha! Will be on the 28th March at 9.30am or 1.45pm. More details about tickets will be given nearer the time. If your child has been given lines to learn, please keep supporting them to do this.

Please make every effort is made to ensure your child reads regularly at home. They also need to practice their spellings which they are given every Tuesday.

Can you ensure that your child is also accessing bug club whenever possible, as this has built in questions, which will help your child with comprehension. Your child will have received their homework on a Friday and must be returned by the following Thursday.

Thank you for all your support.

Miss Kelly and Mr Penno

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