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Spring Term 1 Newsletter

We hope that you have all had a good Christmas break and are looking forward to a prosperous new year. To begin with, the team would like to thank you for your continued support throughout the first term. Alongside that, we would like to acknowledge how much effort was put in by many of you who completed our family homework challenge and look forward to seeing the same enthusiasm for the new family homework that was given out before Christmas.


There are many exciting events planned over the upcoming weeks. We will be looking at the continent of South America as well as the ancient civilization of the Aztecs, in particular their importance within Mexican culture. The children will find out about why the Aztecs had to move and re-settle and then undertake a challenge to create a structure that will support a structure to be built on water. Following the half-term break we will move on to look at board games and challenge the children to make their own. Also in March, we shall be attending ‘Crucial Crew’, which is run by South Yorkshire emergency services, this involves the children taking part in a range of scenarios that prepare them for the future by making them question what they know about the wider world – further information about this visit will follow in early 2020.


Year 6 will continue to be doing PE on a Monday so please ensure that your child’s PE kit is in school on this day. Most sessions will be planned for indoors focusing on gymnastics and dance, so can you ensure that your children have the appropriate kit?


Homework will again be coming home throughout the term. Due to the highly successful ‘Friday Homework Club’ – which will continue this term - we are glad to say that there has been a huge increase in the quantity of homework that is being completed so many thanks for your cooperation and assistance. We are aware that some children cannot stay on a Friday because of other commitments therefore homework sessions will continue to be available within school time so that all of the children have the chance to work with a member of staff on any specific concerns.


The children have continued to make a very positive start to the year in terms of behaviour. Many are beginning to take on responsibility by doing jobs to aid the smooth running of the school and we are extremely thankful for their support and commitment to Shaw Wood - they are fabulous role models for the younger children.

Reading Challenge

The reading challenge which began last term will continue to run this term. There was a good response from many children to this last term, and we would like to see this positive attitude towards reading continue this term. We believe that it is vitally important to reward those children who read regularly because they are independently showing a commitment to their learning.

As ever this will be a very busy term in Year 6 as we begin the run up to SATs and the transition to secondary schools. If you have any concerns or questions about anything then we are more than happy to meet with you before or after school.

With best wishes,
Mr Carroll and Mrs Mead


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