Summer Newsletter – Year 6

This term is always a very busy and interesting one with lots of varied activities. We have only a few weeks left of revision before SATs begin and then lots of opportunities for the children to show us their best writing and acting after that.


The tests this year commence on Monday 13th May 2019. During SATs week, all children are invited to have breakfast throughout the whole week (Mon-Friday, 50p per day), or free if your child is entitled to Free School Meals. Children can have cereal and toast before school – this has proved very popular in past years.

Life after SATs

Once that SATs are over, we can really begin to have fun exploring the different key skills that they will need for secondary education: teamwork, self-belief, leadership and grit. Summer term is always an incredibly busy and interesting one, with a huge variety of investigative, inspiring and ingenious activities.

Residential Trip

This year’s residential trip to Kingswood is from Friday 28th June to Monday 1st July. We will be holding a meeting on Thursday 23rd May at 3:15pm to discuss the visit and to give a more comprehensive outline of the activities that your children will take part in. However, please feel free to come in and talk to us if you would like to discuss anything beforehand.

New Challenge

Our new challenge ‘Armthorpe 2050’ is based on the village of Armthorpe. We will be finding out about its origins, how it has changed over time and the factors that have influenced its current infrastructure. The children will then have to predict how the needs of the residents will have changed by the year 2050 and design a new facility / amenity that would benefit the community in the year 2050.

As Doncaster was once an area that Robin Hood lived in, we will be performing ‘Robin and the Sherwood Hoddies’ as an end of year production which depicts the life and times of the period. We will be working with Mr O’Hare on this exciting production. Watch this space for further information!


Our new topics will focus on what the children need to do to keep themselves fit and healthy. As part of this work we would like the children to take photographs of themselves engaged in healthy type activities outside of school so that we can discuss them in class e.g. preparing or eating healthy meals or taking part in active exercise, and bring them to school after the holiday.

Shaw Wood Art Gallery

During this term, all of the children shall produce a piece of art work for our gallery. Year 6 will be creating something that will help the children remember their time in Shaw Wood through the use of ICT. They will be producing a mosaic from pictures of themselves, friends and events that represents their final year at Shaw Wood. As certain children do not have permission for their picture to be used in school, they would not be able to have their picture on these pieces of art work which would be a shame. We do not want any child to feel left out of this process, so if we do not have permission for the school to use your child’s picture then please see a member of the team so that we can agree on a suitable approach. As we say, we want everyone to feel involved.

With best wishes

The Year 6 Team

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