Government studies have shown that children who are absent from school do not make as much progress as children who have good attendance. It is important for your child to attend school as often as possible to ensure they receive the best possible education.

The Local Authority set attendance targets for us to identify and support children who need help to improve their attendance. Our current target is 96% which means that children need to attend at least 183 out of 190 days over a full school year.

We understand that children may fall ill from time to time which cannot be helped, however high levels of absence can reduce your child’s chance of success. We are here to support you with your child’s attendance.

We offer a range of incentives in school for all children, such as prizes, certificates and celebration events. We also run some clubs and activities which are targeted at children who need help to improve their attendance.

If you have any questions about your child’s attendance or need some support in getting your child to school please contact school and ask to speak to Debbie Rees.

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Last year, the children who achieved 100% attendance were rewarded today with a trip to the cinema to see “The Secret Life of Pets”.  Their celebration was made extra special by a kind donation of sweets by Keri Morrell from the One Stop, Stainforth.

Children whose attendance is above 96% also celebrated with games and music on the school field.

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