Shaw Wood Academy Special Dietary Needs Procedure

Our School Meals are provided by Doncaster Schools Catering who have all appropriate procedures in place that comply with current legislation.

The catering service provides diets for children with special dietary needs whether it is for cultural, religious or health reasons.

Diets provided on the grounds of health are on the official instruction of the Dietetics Department at Doncaster Royal Infirmary. If your child is a patient under the dietitian at the hospital then please ask them to forward the information to us in advance of your child starting school.

If your child has an agreed place at Shaw Wood Academy please contact the school office on 01302 831307 to make an appointment to discuss your child’s religious, cultural or special dietary needs.

> Week Commencing Monday 22nd January 2018 – Friday 26th January 2018

> Week Commencing Monday 29th January 2018 – Friday 2nd February 2018

> Week Commencing Monday 5th February 2018 – Friday 9th February 2018