Nursery News

Term 4

We are very pleased to say that our new children have settled in well and are fully engaged in their learning.

Nursery Bear

As we are already half way through our school year there will not be enough time to ensure all children will be able to take Nursery Bear home. Therefore, our new children who started in January will have their turn to take Nursery Bear home next academic year.

What are we learning?

Please continue to look at the posters on the ‘Parents Notice Board’ to see what the children will be learning each week. They can provide ideas of what you can do at home.

In Maths

We will be playing games every day to support the children’s ability to recognise numbers 0-10. We will also be playing games to encourage the children to represent numbers by drawing dots or lines, such as playing skittles, rolling a number die and drawing the matching amount of dots.


As well as continuing to explore rhyming words we will be playing games to develop the children’s ability to hear initial sounds in words. During rhyme time we will also introduce letter sounds. Next week we will be sending a letter home explaining this in more detail.

Topic: ‘Where We Live’

We will be using the internet and non-fiction books to find out about our local environment. ‘Communication Language and Listening‘ is always a priority when we are planning our activities and we often find that the children engage well when they can talk about places in and around Doncaster where they have visited. We would also welcome anyone who has a job in the community such as: builder, nurse, shop assistant to come in and talk about what you do. If this is possible please contact a member of the Nursery Team.

Snack: Just a reminder, snack is 50p a week, which we will collect per 

half term. The total for this half term is £2.50.

P.E. Will continue to be every Wednesday from 21st February in the hall with Coach Zeph. Please ensure your child wears their PE kit with long hair tied back where necessary.

Family Homework

Thank you to everyone who has brought in their ‘Family Homework’ the children really enjoyed talking about how they made their pictures and models. As this activity has been so popular we have decided to have this as a small group activity in Nursery. Can I please therefore ask for donations of recycled materials which you can put in a box in the cloak-room.

New Outside Area

We are very excited to tell you that our new sandpit is now complete and ready for us to explore.

The research behind using a large deep sandpit suggests that it helps to strengthen finger and hand muscles, improve coordination as well as developing upper body strength. We also feel that sand play also promotes social skills. When children work together they are faced with 

real problems that require sharing, compromising, and negotiating.


New Arrivals in Nursery

We are pleased to announce the safe arrival of our baby stick insects although this happy event took us completely by surprise! Stick insects are surprisingly easy to take care of. If you would like to offer a home to any of our new stick insects please see a member of staff to find out more information.

We are also pleased to share the news that we have two students Miss Betts and Miss Butler who will be working with us while they are completing their academic studies.


Thank you for your continued support.

Nursery Team

Miss McGeachie, Miss Evans,

Mrs Godfrey, Mrs Ross


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