A note from Mrs Hodgkinson and Miss Gibson……

Happy New Year !

I am sure everyone is glad to get back to normal routines.

We will continue our weekly timetable this week please make sure the children bring their P.E. kit on a Monday and leave it in school until Friday. They will not need trainers.

We will resume Library this week, we open our door 10 mins early on Wednesday to give you the opportunity to choose a book with your child to take home.

More and more children are now turning 5, this means some parents will need to pay for their child’s milk. Please check with Cool Milk online if you have registered for milk. It is important that your child has a water bottle in school every day to ensure they have a drink throughout the day.

Please make sure your child brings their book bag every day as they regularly have work and letters to bring home.

As the weather is now getting colder and wetter, please make sure the children come to school with appropriate coat, hat and wellie boots.

We are looking forward to our visit to York train museum this half term if you haven’t already done so please make payments as soon as possible as insufficient funds may result in the visit being cancelled. If you are available and interested in helping with the visit by accompanying a small group of children please see class teachers, we are particularly interested in willing male volunteers!

As ever if you have any queries about any aspect of school please do not hesitate to see us.

The Foundation team.


> Spring Term 1

Some areas for development this term

In literacy we will be focusing on writing and reading by sounding out and blending words together. Some of the children will be continuing to learn new digraphs. Please look on the classroom working wall for the digraphs and sounds the children are working on.

We will be teaching the children how to apply the sounds in their writing, using spaces between words and for the children that are ready to include capital letters and full stops in their work.

In maths we will continue to focus on recognising, counting and ordering numbers to 20 and for some children adding and subtracting 2 numbers.

We are also learning to recognise coins and use these in role play.

We will be expecting the children to use words related to time e.g. afternoon, morning, night time, next, before, after and also know the days of the week and the months of the year.

Outline of the themes for this term

Our topic this half term is ‘Transport’.  We are looking forward to our visit to the National Rail Museum in York which will give lots of opportunities to talk in detail and write about the visit. We will be talking about and identifying emergency vehicles and the role these play within our community.

We will also be looking at how people in other countries use different forms of transport.

We will be setting up a travel agents role play area as part of our literacy activities.

The children will be involved in work related to the season and will be talking about how the weather affects us. We will be mixing winter colours and reading winter stories. Towards the end of this half term we will be learning about Chinese New Year which will involve food tasting, making a Chinese dragon, lanterns and Chinese mark making etc.

How you can help your child?

Please work on the children’s individual targets given out at the end of last term.

Continue to develop the children’s ability to form letters correctly and encourage neat, small writing during morning writing activities.

If your child has brought home their list of tricky words please continue to practice these on a regular basis. The children will need to read and write them.

Point out and read words when you are around and about and talk about the letters used in them.

Read to the children on a regular basis and talk about the stories checking the children have understood what you have read by questioning them about aspects of the book.





> Transport

During our transport topic, Reception visited York’s Railway Museum. The children had the opportunity to dress up, join in with an interactive Punch and Judy show and explore the vast collections of trains that were in the museum. Despite the rain, the children also enjoyed a ride on the miniature train ride!

> Teddy Bear’s Picnic

The children in Reception have enjoyed bringing their teddy bears into school for a picnic. Our teddy bears joined us for the entire day, they even joined in with our maths lesson! We spent the day tasting porridge with honey and jam and eating crumpets with our bears.

> Languages Day

Ethan: “I liked it when we had scones for snacks.”

Zuzanna: “My favourite was making the flags.”

Annie: “I liked walking around the playground where everyone was.”

Alex: “I liked playing rugby.”



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