School Council

School Council 2016

At Shaw Wood Academy, the thoughts and feelings of our pupils are important to us which is why we have a school council to represent the pupils.  The School Council meet with Miss Davies every two weeks, and come up with ideas to improve the school and then report these ideas back to the Senior Leadership Team.

Recently, the School Council has worked with the Key Stage 2 classes to vote for a new local charity for the school to support.  This helped the children to get a better understanding of the voting system and how we can support our community.  The School Council researched some of the local charities and then narrowed it down to the three they thought would benefit most from our help.  They then organised and presented an assembly so that the rest of the school could vote for which charity they would like to support.  Greenleaf Animal Rescue won and the School Council wrote to them to tell them the good news.  Other recent projects that the School Council have organised are the Children in Need pyjama day and the addition of new playground games for the Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 playgrounds.

This year, the School Council are also taking part in the IKEA Environmental School Project.  IKEA told us that the project should be based on sustainability and the environment, so we chose to focus on water saving and waste/food reduction by creating a vegetable garden.  The vegetable garden will not only provide us with healthy, home grown fruit and vegetables but it will also prevent further wastage as we intend to use leftover food to create compost and rain water to water the garden.  If you would like to know more about the project please check the website for regular updates!

Our latest project is to find out more about Growth Mindset and how it is impacting the children in school.  In recent weeks we asked the reps to gather feedback on what the children know about Growth Mindset and to tell us how or when they have needed to challenge their own mindset.  We are using the information that we gather to feedback to the Senior Leadership Team and to create some short challenge videos for you to try at home.  Keep your eyes peeled for the first Growth Mindset activity challenge!

Over the coming months the School Council reps will be working with their classes to think of a new name for the clubs we run in school, to think of a name for our new vegetable patch and to complete a survey to improve the hand washing system in our school.

> School Council Letter to Chosen Charity

Green Leaf Animal Rescue

> IKEA Eco Project

At Shaw Wood, we are always looking for new and exciting ways to look after the environment.

We recently heard about an eco project run by IKEA and thought it would be an ideal opportunity for the children to learn more about the environment. The project started with the school council gathering ideas as to how we as a school could protect the planet.  The school council brought together the ideas and chose the best ones.

They then voted for the one that they thought was the most practical and the most beneficial.  The chosen project included a vegetable garden to grow food, rain water collection to water the crops and a compost bin to reduce food waste. Six children were then invited to the IKEA site in Armthorpe to present the project in a Dragon’s Den style pitch.

We were recently informed that we were successful in our pitch and will be receiving a grant from IKEA to make the project a reality. We look forward to starting the project!


> IKEA Eco Project Update

Jo and Mick from Ikea came into school on Monday 27th March to present the children with a donation towards their Eco Project.  The money will be used to purchase compost, seeds and trees, gardening equipment and wooden beds.

We hope to have the seeds planted in the next couple of weeks and we look forward to harvesting our tasty home grown treats!

> Growth Mindset Activity Challenge

We are pleased to announce that the first of our growth mindset challenge videos is now available for you to try at home! So why not have a go? Use your imagination and see what you can create. We would love to see how you get on, you might like to bring a picture into school or record a video of your own. Good luck!

> Our Vegetable Garden

Have a look at the progress of our vegetable garden…

> Growth Mindset Challenge

Keira and Katie are pleased to announce that a second growth mindset challenge video is now available for you to try at home! We have tried the activity in year four and many of the children were able to come up with fantastic designs.

We look forward to hearing how you get on!

Good luck!

> Growing Roots

Last week we were very lucky to have a visit from Jo and Mick at IKEA.  They came to officially open our vegetable garden ‘Growing Roots’.

All of the school council were present as well as a number of children that visited IKEA to pitch for the grant.

They were very excited to see the garden being opened and celebrated with some special treats!