Year 1

What are we learning?

This half term our topic in Year One is Fabracadabra, where the children will learn about artists and sculptors. The children will recreate art and sculptures in particular styles, whilst having the opportunity to be creative themselves.

We will be learning about Andy Goldsworthy and the art he creates with natural materials. We will find out about Wassily Kandinsky and will recreate his concentric circles. We will also create some art in the style of Dale Chihuly and Alexander Calder.

As part of this exciting learning experience, we have commissioned a local sculptor, Dan Jones, to come into school and work with the Year 1 children for four days.

On Tuesday 20th February, The children had a fantastic day!! Dan introduced the children to sculpting and showed them how he creates pieces of art, from the planning stage to the complete piece. He completed workshops with the children showing them how they could join materials to create sculptures.

On Wednesday 14th March, he will work with the children to plan and design their own sculpture in the style of an artist that the children have learned about during the half term. The children will then create their piece of art in teams.

On Wednesday 21st and Thursday 22nd March, he will support children to design and build a large scale sculpture that will be displayed outside the main entrance to the school.

As part of this topic, the children will also work with our school coach, Zeph, to participate in a number of challenge activities.  This will help the children develop their confidence, determination and team building skills.

At the end of this half term, the children will create their own sculpture in the style of one of the artists that they have found out about. The children will work in teams to carry out this challenge. We are very excited to see their creations!

We are confident that the children will love working in this way and will learn lots from it.  The cost of bringing a sculptor into school for four days is, as you can imagine high. Please could we remind families to support us by contributing a minimum of £5 per child. If all parents contribute the school will still be contributing in excess of £400 to the cost of this project.


The children will be writing a number of non-fiction pieces this half term linked to the art and D&T projects that we are undertaking. We will also be reading the story ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’ and doing many literacy activities based on this book.


The children will be ordering numbers to 20, 30 or 100 and finding missing numbers in those sequences. They will also use the greater than, less than and equal to signs ( < > =) to compare numbers. For example the children will say 12 is less than 34 and represent it using this sign 12 < 34. The children will continue to measure items using non-standard units (blocks) and be introduced to using a ruler to measure using cms. The children will also investigate 2D and 3D shape and use their knowledge of shape to create a sculpture in the style of Alexander Calder linked to out Fabracadabra project.


This half term we will be learning about different materials and their properties, such as metal, wood, plastic and fabric. Week commencing 5th March will be science week in school, where each afternoon the children will have the opportunity to work on different science activities with the year 1 and year 2 teachers.

We thank you in advance for supporting us and your children and will continue to do our very best to make sure your children love their learning and coming to school.

The Year 1 Team 


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