Year 2

Year 2 Newsletter


Dear Parents,

Welcome back, to what is going to be a very busy term with lots of exiting things to look forward too.

One of these is a school trip to the forest school at High Melton. We have already tried some tropical rainforest fruit and we will also be building rainforest vehicles and making rainforest masks and panpipes.


This half term our topic will be the rainforest. We will be looking closely at where the rainforests are, the people that live there and the animals that live there.


This half term we will be focusing on the place value of numbers, adding and subtracting numbers and shape.

Miss Kelly’s Class – Please can you practise numbers bonds to 20 and the 10 ten times table.

Mr Penno’s Class – Please can you make sure your child can order numbers between 0 -50 from largest to smallest and visa-versa, as well as know their number bonds to 10.


To start the term the pupils will be learning to describe rainforest animals and learn about nouns, verbs and adjectives as well as using conjunctions in sentences.


This term we will be looking at experiments that link to classification and understanding about items that are alive, once alive and have never been alive.

Physical Education

This half term we will be focusing on the skills and techniques that are involved in Dance. This will link into the rainforest topic as the music that will be aiding us in maths is from ‘The Lion King’.


The children will be taught all about E-Safety and the dangers of the internet.


This term the pupils will be learning about drawing techniques such as hatching, cross hatching, stippling and scumbling.

Please make every effort to ensure your child reads regularly as this is so important for us to help the children progress in their learning.


Thank you for all your support.

Miss Kelly & Mr Penno