Year 3

Welcome back to school, we hope you had a great half term break! Topic In topic, we will continue our ‘Spring into Summer’ topic. We will be finding out about observational artist Vincent Van Gogh and look at his still life drawings. We will then have a go at our own observational artwork to link to our learning about seasonal fruit. We will also look at Leonardo Da Vinci and his inventions involving motors and have a go at making some simple models ourselves. Science This half term we will be continuing with our animals including humans topic. We will look at seasonal food and the methods used to preserve food. This will link to our artwork for the art gallery. We will then move onto our final topic all about ‘Light’. We will find out about how shadows are created and how they change throughout the day. We will also be finding out about how light can be reflected on different surfaces. Maths This half term both classes will be focusing on various areas of Maths including place value, multiplication and division as well as measure and geometry to consolidate this year’s learning. Please could children practise their 4 and 8 times table to make sure they know them out of order and the related division facts. Writing In writing, we will continue our work on narrative looking at the story of ‘Cliffhanger’ by Jaqueline Wilson. We will focus on character feelings and how they develop throughout the story. We will also be looking at and writing our own poetry. Spellings We will send spellings home every two weeks for children to learn and apply in their work. Children should be encouraged to use these words in sentences. PE PE will take place on Monday morning each week and this half term will focus on Rounders. Kit required consists of a plain white or blue t shirt and navy blue or black shorts. PE sessions will take place outdoors therefore please ensure that all children have their outdoor kit in school. We are all excited for this half term! Miss Carter and Miss Hornsby

> Coal Mining Trip

  As part of our coal mining trip we went to a rocks and fossils workshop. We learnt all about the history of coal, including how far it dates back and how it is formed.  Next, we looked at the properties of different types of rocks including limestone, sandstone, coal, ironstone and had a go at matching properties to each rock.  After that we had a taste of what it would be like to be a paleontologist - we created and looked at our very own shell fossils using sand and clay.
Please view even more pictures of our Coal Mining Trip under our 'Trips' page.    

> Construction

The children designed and constructed a pulley mine lift as part of their coal mining topic in the first term. They tested different materials to find out which would be the best to use for their pulley and learnt about simple pulley structures. Then they designed their lifting cage by drawing a sketch and labelling the measurements. After this they had to make the structures. They worked in small groups to cut the wood to size using a saw. They use glue guns and art straws to hold the structure together and to build the cage. Lastly, they evaluated how well their pulley worked and decided what went well and what they might need to do to improve it if they were to build it again.

> Polish Dancing

As part of our Polish topic last half term, we looked at Polish traditional dancing.  The Krakowiak dancing originated in Krakow and dates back to the 16th century.  We researched about the history of the dance and the clothes that they wear.  We enjoyed practising the dance as a class.  The beat was fast and children danced in pairs. Take a look at some of our 'in-motion' pictures...