Year 3

Welcome back to school, we hope you had a great summer holiday!

This half term we will be learning all about France. We will locate France and it’s bordering countries using atlases and find out about famous landmarks. The children will begin their language learning in French and we hope to exchange letters with a school in France to find out what life is like for them. Our artwork will include drawings in the style of Monet who was a famous French artist. We will develop our techniques using pastels such as shading and reflection. We will also be working as a team to create our own Eifel tower!

This half term both classes will be focusing on various areas of maths beginning with place value. Children will look at ordering and comparing numbers based on their value. We will then apply our place value knowledge into mental and written methods for addition and subtraction. We would appreciate it if the children could learn and practise times tables at home.

This half term we will be concentrating on non-fiction writing beginning with a non-chronological report about France. They will use ICT to carry out research on the physical and human features of France leading up to writing their own report. Children will work on improving their handwriting in order to develop their letter formation and cursive technique.

We will send spellings home every two weeks for children to learn and apply in their work. Children should be encouraged to use these words in sentences.

PE will take place on Monday morning each week and this half term will focus on Athletics, where the children will learn skills such as running, jumping, throwing and catching. Kit required consists of a plain white or blue t shirt, navy blue or black shorts. PE sessions will take place outdoors. Please ensure that all children have their kit in school.


We are all looking forward to an exciting first half term in Year 3!

> Coal Mining Topic

Year 3 have been learning about coal mining during their topic. We have enjoyed many great activities such as visiting the Coal Mining Museum, learning about what life was like in a mining village, the different jobs that people had in the mines and what it was like being a miner in the tunnels.


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