Year 5

Year 5 Welcome Back! We hope you have all had a lovely break and are excited to be back with us for our last term! Topic After a fantastic start to the summer term we are continuing with our ‘Extreme Environments’ topic. The children will use Australia as a case study and will be developing locational knowledge, locating countries using maps and comparing both human and environmental factors. Art Gallery Please come and look at your child’s fantastic piece of art during the school art gallery event on Wednesday. The children looked at various photographers and self-portraits before they developed their own photography skills. From then they traced and designed a brightly coloured impressionist picture in paint/oil pastel or collage. Science Our Science topic for this half term is about materials. Children will be investigating materials, giving reasons, based on evidence from comparative and fair tests, for the particular uses of everyday materials. Children will be using terms such as solubility, transparency and conductivity to classify materials. We will be encouraging team work and developing investigating skills through practical activities. We will also be collecting and analysing data to reinforce our understanding of the subject. PE PE is on Friday and until further notice children will need their outdoor PE kits including pumps or trainers. Swimming continues to be fortnightly for the 2 groups. Maths We would appreciate your help in making sure all the children practise their times tables, as well as completing and returning their weekly maths homework. We will be learning about polygons, co-ordinates, and how to translate and reflect simple polygons. We are also looking at time on analogue and digital clocks. So we would appreciate your support in helping the children to learn how to tell the time at home. English Our class book is ‘Oranges in No Man’s Land, by Elizabeth Laird. The story is set during the civil war in Lebanon and is about a family of young children struggling to survive. The children will be reading the text within the lesson and making inferences about the characters and events. In addition the children will then look at re-writing an additional chapter to the story from a different characters point of view. We will continue to teach the children the grammar, spelling and punctuation needed to make sure they are ready for year 6. Reading Children should be reading for at least 10-20 minutes per day, including weekends, to an adult. Please can you sign your child’s read and respond book and return it to school each day with their reading book. It is important that your child has their reading book in school as we find time during the school day to spend some time reading our books. Reading should be a habit that the children get into and enjoy. Bug club is still available for you to access at home. If your child has lost their user name and pass word then please tell their teacher, and they will be issued a new one. It is a fantastic resource that the children really enjoy! Thank you for your continued support Mrs Taylor, Mrs Scoffield, Mr Gelsthorpe and Mr McMahon (Year 5 teachers)  

> Songs with Mr O’Hare

Listen To  Your Heart New Life Year 5 have been lucky enough to work with the talented Mr O'Hare this term and have already created two original songs.  One was inspired by our current English book - Friend or Foe and the other by the arrival of Mrs Grainger's grandchild. Have a listen, we bet you'll have these tunes stuck in your head all day! Watch out for any future hits!