Year 6

We hope you all have had a good break and are refreshed for the run up to Christmas.  The year has got off to a very positive start as the children are quickly adapting to the needs of Year 6 and are producing work of a high standard in all areas of the curriculum. The visit to Eden Camp proved to be very informative and enabled the children to get a better insight into life during World War ll. The visits to Armthorpe Academy to make the rationed stew also proved to be an invaluable experience.


We are also pleased with the response to the planned end of year visit to Kingswood Outdoor Educational Centre. We were able to secure an extra ten places and will be going ahead with a party of fifty children. Thank you very much for your support and more information and a further meeting will take place closer to the date.


Over the next month we will be finishing and reviewing our work around World War ll, finishing with work around Remembrance Day.  We would again like to thank you for your support during this topic.  We have seen some fantastic shelters completed during family homework, shared some wonderful photographs and read some beautiful personal extracts.  All of these have helped to give the children greater enthusiasm and insight into life during the war.  To end this unit on Friday 17th November we will be holding a street party for the whole year group to replicate VE Day. This will take place from 2.00pm to 2.45pm and all parents or grandparents are invited to join us.

In the run up to Christmas we will undertake a short unit entitled ‘Safety’.  This will form part of our work on growing up and preparing children for the next phase of their life. Within this unit we shall be exploring electricity and safety around the home as well as water safety and online safety. Again, we will be working with colleagues at Armthorpe Academy within this unit.

Reading challenge

From 7th November we shall again be launching the Y6 Reading Champion Challenge. We are doing this as we believe that it is vitally important to reward those children who read everyday because they are independently showing a commitment to their learning. Therefore, over the next half-term, any child who reads daily from Monday to Friday and completes a clear book review about each book that they read will receive a £5 book token. 

Curriculum challenge

We would like to thank you for your response to our request for plastic bottles to assist us with our challenge. We will shortly be undertaking the final part of the challenge and would like to ask for your further support by sending more bottles to replace bottles damaged during the first part of the task.


We would like to invite you to a joint Christmas carol concert with Y3 on Tuesday 12th December at both 9am in the Shaw Wood school playground and 6pm in the hall at The Armthorpe Academy. More details will follow closer to the date.


Again, all of Year 6 will be doing PE on a Thursday afternoon.  Please ensure your child’s PE kit is in school on this day.  Please be mindful of the weather and children are allowed to bring in tracksuits.  This term will continue to focus on invasion games and gymnastics.


Homework will commence from Friday 10th November.

Friday – Spellings tested Friday

Friday – English handed in Friday

Friday – Maths handed in following Friday


The children have made a very positive start to the year in terms of behaviour and we have been proud of them when taking them out of school.  We will be looking for this to continue.

If you have any concerns or questions we are more than happy to meet with you after school.

With best wishes,

The Year 6 team

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> Year 6 Morse Code

Year 6 have worked on sharing secret messages with our friends in France, Germany and Poland. They have used ciphers such as morse code and semaphore to create these messages. Some of the codes have been shared through written notes whilst others have been shared through music as well as torch light.





> Year 6 Picasso Painting 2017

Year 6 researched the history behind the Picasso painting Guernica. After that, they explored images from recent events in Spain and using this as their inspiration created a modern version of the famous painting.


> Autumn Family Homework

Look at these fantastic shelters. Many thanks to students and parents for putting in so much hard work. We are very proud of you all.

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