Year 6

Welcome We hope you and your children had an enjoyable break. We have a busy and exciting term ahead of us. Topic There are many exciting events planned over the upcoming weeks. We will continue looking at the continent of South America but will now turn our attention to the rainforests and how they have an impact on the ecology of the world. This topic also gives us the opportunity to study and replicate the art of Henri Rousseau through 2D and 3D techniques. On Friday 10th March 2017 we will be attending ‘Crucial Crew’, which is run by South Yorkshire emergency services, this involves the children taking part in a range of scenarios that prepare them for the future by making them question what they know about the wider world. Science During this half term our focus will be on Living things and their habitats. We will look at the range of living things, from micro-organisms through to plants and animals. We will look at how to use keys and classification tables and how to distinguish between species and varieties of living things. We will also be holding a Science week (Monday 20th March – Friday 24th March) where the children will take part in a number of exciting scientific activities. RE The topics this half term in RE will be the important time of Lent and Easter. We will be studying the importance of this period and significance of the resurrection to followers of the Christian faith. PE Lessons Year 6 PE lesson will continue to be on Friday. Our school P.E kit consists of: • Plain white t-shirt and black shorts - no different colours or logo tops please. • Plimsolls or plain trainers should be worn for every P.E session, unless doing dance or gym. Fashion trainers are not suitable for school Please ensure your child brings their kit with them every Friday days as the correct kit is an essential part of the lesson, in terms of safety and hygiene. Reading challenge We have once again had a good response from children to this, many children will again be receiving a book token in the next few days. We are doing this again as we believe that it is vitally important to reward children who read every day, because they are independently showing a commitment to their learning. Therefore, over the next half-term, any child who reads daily from Monday to Friday and completes a clear book review about each book that they read will again receive a £5 book token. Attendance It is vital that children attend school every day and arrive at school on time. Please ensure your child is in school by 8.40 am every day. If your child arrives after 8.50 am, please bring them to the main office to sign in. SATs During this term we focus on preparing the children for their upcoming SATs – these will be held throughout week beginning Monday 8th May. Children will continue to receive weekly homework from the revision books and are encouraged to work with staff within the year group to help clarify any concerns or misconceptions. Again, we applaud the amount of children who are staying for ‘Mrs Taylor’s Fabulous Friday Homework Club’ as it not only demonstrates a commitment to learning but it is also having a positive impact on the confidence of these pupils within class. As ever, Mr Carroll will be running ‘SATs Easter Boosters’ from Monday 10th April 2017 – Wednesday 12th April. Within this relaxed atmosphere the children complete tasks that specifically address concerns that they have about SATs. The children look through old SATs papers but it is done as a way of helping to build confidence and a means of showing them that they do have the knowledge, skills and understanding to achieve. The sessions will run from 10:00am until 3:00pm and the children do not need to wear school uniform. However, they will need to bring their own packed lunch. Some children do come for all three sessions but others do attend for one or two days. Please sign the form below if you are interested in your child attending. If you have any questions about the sessions then please do not hesitate to contact Mr Carroll. If you have any concerns or questions about anything then we are more than happy to meet with you after school. With best wishes Mr Carroll and Mr Parkinson

> Kingswood 2017

It was an absolute pleasure to take the Year 6 children to Kingswood. They gave us so many memories that embody courage, care and commitment. Their teamwork and spirit was outstanding and a credit to the school.  

> Science at Armthorpe Academy

> Pointillism

Pointillism is a technique of painting in which small, distinct dots of color are applied in patterns to form an image. Georges Seurat and Paul Signac developed the technique in 1886, branching from Impressionism. Here are some photos from when we did our pointillism art work.

> Internet Safety Roadshow

On Wednesday 15th February, we went to an Internet Safety Roadshow at the Keepmoat Stadium, Doncaster.
"Yesterday, I enjoyed wearing the VR headset and getting goodie bags about keeping safe on the internet" "There was a man that did some drama and was very good at miming" "In the middle of our break, we were playing with robots" "I liked in the afternoon we was playing with the robots and its started moving" "I enjoyed playing with the new technology they had at the road show and that they taught us how to be safe on the internet"

> Reading Quotes

Year 6 have been talking about the importance of reading. Together, as a whole year group, they created some fantastic and inspiring quotes to share with the rest of the school using an online programme called  Check out some of these extraordinary quotes...

> Circumference, Diameter and Radius

Year 6 have been finding out how to find the circumference, diameter and radius of circles.

> World War Two Poems

In Year 6 the children have been reading and comparing war poems.  One task given to them was to use a well-known war poem and to present it using images and music. Here are a few examples. War Poem 1 War Poem 2 War Poem 3 War Poem 4

> Eden Camp 2016

Our Eden Camp visit was a wonderful experience as our children got to experience the sights, sounds and smells of life on the Home Front and on the Front Line. This unique setting of an original WWII Prisoner of War Camp gave the children a fantastic insight into the social and historical changes that have happened within Great Britain as well as the wider world due to particular conflicts.


Look at our wonderful Year 6 work. The children have done us proud once again.  What a great start to our World War 2 topic!

> 11-16 MegaTravel Pass Online Applications

sypte_logo Pupils aged 11-16 and living in South Yorkshire can have a MegaTravel Card to prove to bus drivers, tram conductors and ticket seller that they are entitled to travel at reduced cost on public transport. Year 6 pupils can now apply for their 11-16 MegaTravel Pass online.  Full details can be found here: Message from The Promotion Team, South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive