What Our Parents Say?…

> Comments From Facebook…

“I spent the morning helping as a volunteer the children in Year 1 was so polite and well behaved great job by the pupils and teachers I look forward to helping again next week.”

“My little boy loves this school and all the teachers’ are brilliant.”

“So so proud of all the kids who played tonight in the basketball tournament at danum academy you did absolutely fantastic bring on EIS 💪💪💪”


> Year 6 World War 2 Class Assembly and Street Party

“Really enjoyed Yr 6 War Topic”

“It was great to see excellent work”

“It was wonderful to see that the children had such a good grasp of the difficulties and sacrifice in war time. Excellent work”

“Fantastic street party, everyone had a fab time, it should be done more often”

“Fantastic afternoon. Well done to all the children for a fantastic war show and also to the teachers for all there hard work”

> Christmas Concerts 2016

Year 1 Concert
“Well done Year 1 and all staff involved. A brilliant concert”

“Fantastic performance from all the Year 1’s. Well done. :-)”

Year 4 Concert
“Brilliant Year 4. You can see how much hard work you have all put in! Love the songs!”

“Well done to all Year 4. Brilliant concert”

Nursery Concert
“Was a lovely concert, children did very well and the teachers have done a great job with the children at Nursery”

“I loved it and cried 🙂 so proud. Well done all the children were fantastic and well done teachers”

Year 2 Concert
“This year’s Christmas concert is the best that I have seen in 8 year! Tremendous”

“That was the best X’mas concert I have seen.  All children got great parts. Very funny”

> Year 5 Ash Class Assembly – Space

“Ash Class!! Amazing!! Fab space intro! Well done!”

“Wow!! Ash Class! Your assembly was amazing! Well done to you all!”

“Brilliant! Well done Mr McMahon”

> Year 5 Cherry Class Assembly – Chinese New Year

“Well done Year 5. I know a lot more about the Chinese New Year now. :-)”

“Year 5 and teacher did really good”

“Brilliant assembly Year 5, really enjoyed it”