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Looking for a placement for your child?

We currently have places still available for children looking to start nursery for this year, with numerous options for times and days. We also have places for children eligible to 30 hours.

Additional sessions and cost

We are also able to offer additional sessions for both new and existing nursery pupils. Parents may wish purchase extra sessions or stay later from 2:30pm to 3:15pm.

Contact us

For more information about new placements or additional sessions, please see the relevant letters (right-hand side of this page), speak to a member of the nursery team or contact the office.

Current Nursery Pupils

Welcome to a new school year. The children are settling in really well and already learning new skills such as playing together, sharing and ‘having a go’ at new activities. You have been given a letter regarding your child’s Key Person who will record their development and next steps in learning. Keep checking our ‘Parent’s Notice Board’ for information and tips to help your child.


Water Bottles

Please make sure your child has their water bottle in school and that it is refilled at the beginning of each session. New water bottles can be purchased on ParentPay.


For information about free school milk, please click here.

Nursery Bears

We are always thinking about different activities to develop the children’s communication and language skills. We have purchased two toy bears and everything they will need to accompany two children home for the weekend. So over the course of the year every child will have the opportunity to take a bear home. Each bear will have their own suitcase, clothes, pyjamas and a story book that you will be asked to read at bedtime. They will also have a note book for you to write about what the bear did over the weekend and if possible, for you to include some photographs. The children will then bring the bears back to school to share this with us. This will develop the children’s ability to ask and answer questions. There will also be a more detailed letter to help you with this activity inside the bear’s suitcase.


We will be counting out a small set of items and matching with the correct number card. This will support the children to be aware that the number tells us how many there are in that set. We will also be separating a small group of items in different ways but recognising the total is the same

Communication Language and Listening (CLL)

We will continue to practise our listening skills by playing games such as: ‘Describe It, Find It’ where the children need to listen to descriptions of different animals and then find them. This will then lead on to the children describing the animals for others to find. We shall also be exploring words that rhyme through playing games and singing songs.

Topic: Communities

We will be using the internet and non-fiction books to find out about our local environment. We are also looking forward to some special people we have invited in to tell us about their jobs such as: the librarian from Armthorpe library, a nurse and a beautician. We would also welcome anyone who has a job in the community such as: builder, shop assistant to come in and talk about what you do. If this is possible please contact a member of the Nursery Team.

What you can do at home to help your child

To support listening and understanding skills try playing games such as ‘Simon Says’. Continue to read simple stories as often as possible talking about what you see in the pictures and asking what could happen next. Practise early number skills by asking your child to count small objects ensuring they place them in a line and touch them as they count. This can be extended by asking them to find the matching number card.

Personal Targets

We have reviewed the children’s targets. Thank you for your support with these. New targets will be sent home shortly. Please practise these little and often and if you would like some other ideas just ask a member of the Nursery Team.


Just a reminder, snack is 50p a week, which we will collect per half term. The total for this half term is £3.00 or £2.50 for children starting week commencing 13th January. This money goes towards buying different snacks and baking ingredients.


Will continue to be every Wednesday in the hall. Please ensure your child has the appropriate clothing: uniform on top and track- suit bottoms or leggings (no trainers, please wear school shoes). This half term the children will be using the large apparatus such as balance beams and horizontal ladders. Please continue to encourage your child to take their own socks and shoes off and to put them on again.

Thank you for your support.

Nursery Team: Miss McGeachie, Mrs Godfrey, Mrs Ross, Miss Evans.

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