Welcome to Reception!

A note from Mrs Hodgkinson and Miss McCay

We are now well into our second term the children are working well and looking forward to Christmas activities.
As the weather is now changing the children will need a warm coat, hats scarves, gloves and wellie boots for outside learning.
This is always a busy half term with lots going on around school. Please make sure you check your child’s bags and notice boards in the classroom for letters of events.
As many year groups are now practising for Christmas concert’s the school hall is in high demand. We many not always be able to use the hall for P.E. sessions but please continue to bring P.E. kit so we can make use of it when it is available.
The children in both Reception classes are now competing for the ‘FOREVER THERE BEAR’. The class with the best attendance throughout the week is rewarded with having the bear to stay in their classroom for the week. See class notice board for results of weekly attendance.
Arrangements for reading book have now changed. Please bring your child’s book every day and place it in the reading tray. We will record who has read at home and stamp their reading certificate if the children have read 3 times through the week. 12 stamps and the children will be able to choose a book from our school book shop. For this reason please remember to note and date in your child’s reading record book when you have read at home.

Some areas for development this term

In Literacy we will be continuing to develop the children’s ability to sound out 3 letter words and begin to put these into a simple sentence. We will be revising already taught sounds. Along with learning the sounds we will be continuing to focus on the children’s ability to use a pencil with increasing control to enable them to form letters correctly.
All children will begin group reading sessions every day. These books are different to the books they take home and we will focus on learning specific reading skills.
In Maths we will be focusing on recognising, counting and ordering numbers to 10 or 20. We will be learning to recognise coins from 1p to 20p.The children will learn about capacity and develop their language to be able to identify containers that are full, half full, empty, nearly full and nearly empty. We will be introducing 3d shapes e.g. cone, cylinder, cube, cuboid and sphere. The children will learn their names and how to use both flat and solid shapes to build models and explain their choices.

Outline of the themes for this term

Our topic this half term is called ‘Could it be Magic’. We have already looked at times of celebration such as Halloween and Bonfire Night, we are now making spells and potions. The children will learn what a potion is, make wands and hats and towards the end of the term use what they have learned to complete a final challenge. The challenge will be for the children to design and make their own potion with a partner and talk about the effects of their potion.
We will end the term by learning about the story of the first Christmas and Christmas traditions. We will look at how families celebrate Christmas differently. The children will take part in a Christmas Nativity.

How can you help your child?

We have been working on developing the children’s independence and developing a ‘Can Do’ attitude. Please help us in continuing this idea at home by encouraging the children to have a go whenever possible, to keep trying even when they find something difficult. Praise your child for having a go and the effort they put in even if the outcome is not what you expected. It’s amazing what children can achieve when they keep trying, practice skills independently and when their efforts are praised and rewarded.
Continue to encourage a passion for reading and books. Introduce the children to new vocabulary, make up a story, and ask questions. Most importantly let your child talk about the book.

And finally…

If you have any queries about any aspect of school please do not hesitate to see us.

The Foundation team.

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