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A note from Mrs Hodgkinson and Miss Newbury

Welcome to a new term! We are looking forward to a busy half term with lots of opportunities for outdoor learning with warmer weather. Please see below themes and skills we will be covering this half term and some changes to routines.


Please continue to support the children to retain their knowledge of previously taught sounds by supporting your child to complete their weekly homework sheets.
The children will be learning to read and write four letter words as well as practising longer words by using the ’chunking up’ method. (Separating long words e.g. light/ning)
We are encouraging the children to apply everything they know about phonics into their writing. They will be concentrating on letter formation, writing smaller and neater.
When writing, we are encouraging the children to think of their own sentence to write and to hold a simple sentence in their head so they can write this sentence down independently.


The children will be working on numbers beyond 10. This will include counting to 20 and beyond. We will be teaching the children that 14 is made up of 1 ten and 4 ones and teaching them to apply this learning to other teen numbers. We will set up activities exploring the order of numbers to 20 including missing numbers.

We will add, subtract and double numbers as well as investigating odd and even numbers within 10.

Our themes this half term will be...

Growing and Life Cycles

This will include a delivery of eggs in an incubator. The children will have the opportunity to see chicks hatch and handle the chicks.

King's Coronation

The children will learn about the coronation of King Charles, what this means and how this relates to their own history. They will learn more about the city of London and take part in English traditions to celebrate the day.

Traditional Tales

the children will be learning what traditonal tales are, learning to retell, roleplay and write the stories of Chicken Licken, The Gingerbread Man, The Three Billy Goats Gruff and Jack and the Beanstalk. Through these stories the children will invesigate floating/sinking and what would happen to The Gingerbread Man if he fell in water. They will design a boat to save the Gingerbread man, and build a bridge for the Billy Goats.The children will bake, they will also plant seeds just like in the story Jack and the Beanstalk.

We will be planning a trip to the library.


The children will now read in school Monday -Thursday and will bring their reading books home after school on Thursday. Please continue to read at home 3 times for your child to get their stamp. The levels of children’s reading books and groups will have been slightly adjusted based on your child’s recent Little Wandle assessments.


With the warmer weather coming, we will be taking the children outside for PE to practise ball skills.

Please include trainers and socks in their PE kit (Velcro fastenings if possible).

The children may want to bring joggers or blue/black sweatshirt for cooler days. Alternatively, they can wear their school jumper or cardigan.


Please ask if you have any questions or queries,

The Reception Team