Welcome back Year 3!


It has been great to have the whole class back together. We have had an amazing start and been really pleased with the children’s enthusiasm towards their topic on mining. They have settled in well and as a class have worked extremely hard.  We have been working on games and focused tasks that will help children build confidence in the areas, leadership, teamwork, self- belief, and grit. Some children have struggled with the pace and amount of work we need to complete but they are trying their best to improve this.




This term the children have enjoyed learning about mining life. They have written a story based around the book “The town is by the sea”. They have also done a report about what life was like down the pit and talked about how Armthorpe was a mining community.


Next term, the children will be starting a new topic about fairgrounds. This will include, writing a report to show how fairgrounds have changed over time. They will be reading and creating their own stories using the texts “Fairground Fiasco” and “Fairground Lights”. In addition, the children will be writing different instructions and explanation texts based on the fairground rides they design and make during design and technology lessons. 




In maths, the children have already completed work around multiplication and division and are developing their mental maths skills. Next, we will be learning about fractions. We will also be learning about statistics; the children will create graphs based on data around children’s favourite rides.


Topic Work- Mining


The children have been fully engaged and are enjoying our topic on mining. They have learnt about the mining way of life including how the people lived, what jobs they did and mining in the past.  In art the children have practiced using their sketching skills to sketch a picture of a miner.




New topic - Fairgrounds


As part of design and technology, the children will be learning about structures and designing, making, and evaluating fairground rides. To support the science curriculum, the children will then learn about the motors and electricity and investigate how circuits work.




It is very important that children learn the importance of being safe online. We will continue to teach online safety. We will begin to look at coding in ICT and learn how to create games and what codes are needed for this.




PE for Year 3 is to be confirmed for after Easter and we will let the children know which day they will have PE . Please ensure that your child comes to school with the correct kit – black or navy joggers/tracksuit bottoms, a white or pale blue plain round neck t-shirt, a navy or black tracksuit top (without a hood), school jumper or fleece and trainers. If the weather allows it, we will try to have the children outside for PE sessions.


Homework and Reading books


Your child will have spellings and timetables practice to learn on a weekly basis.


We will continue with the reading book system. These will be given out on a Monday and collected in on a Friday. Please make every effort to ensure your child reads at least 3 times a week at home and sign their reading diary. We are continuing to monitor and reward children with a sticker which goes towards buying a book from the shop. Please ensure that your child is accessing bug club, whenever possible, as this has built in questions that will help your child with comprehension skills.




If a class needs to isolate for a period, we will ensure that all children have access to online learning. All work will be available on the school website.  We are aware that some children may have to isolate at home for a short period of time. We will provide online learning content relevant to child’s ability and the school curriculum. You will find this on:  


www.educationcity.com ,

https://www.activelearnprimary.co.uk ,   



              Thank you for your continued support.


        Year 3 Team

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