Hopefully the children are excited to be back in school and are ready to continue with their learning to reach their full potential.

This half term the children will be completing their topic about Australia where children will be identifying different settlements, including economy, trade and tourist attractions and justifying their reasons with evidence. The new topic will be all about space and the solar system.


Alongside the space topic, the children will be given an opportunity to use their writing skills to explore newspaper reports, identifying their features. Then, they will research famous milestones
in the history of space and write their own newspaper articles, based on those events.


In guided reading, the children will be reading Clockwork by Philip Pullman.The story is set in 'the olden days’ in the small German town of Glockenheim. Karl is the first clockmaker’s apprentice in memory who hasn’t completed a new figure for the town’s clock. The night before the grand unveiling of the figure, the townspeople gather in the local inn to listen to Fritz telling them stories. The stories begin to come true and this scares many of the townspeople as evil descends on the town. The story twists and turns through time with Karl and Gretl at its centre.


Having spent a great deal of time learning about fractions, the children will be applying this knowledge to understand decimals. Year 5 will be then learning about percentages and their equivalence to fractions and decimals. Year 4 are going to be revisiting multiplication and division to consolidate their learning before going into year 5.


In science lessons, the children will be learning all about the solar system and forces. They will be able to describe the movement of the Earth and other planets relative to the sun in the solar system, also the movement of the moon relative to the Earth. Children will understand the idea of the Earth’s rotation to explain day and night and the apparent movement of the sun across the sky.


Please ensure your child reads at least 3 times a week and sign their reading diary. Children know to bring their book in each day to be checked and signed. We are continuing to monitor and reward children with stickers towards earning a book from the shop. Well done to the children who are starting to complete tasks towards their Rocket Reading Challenge.


Year 5 will start their swimming lessons on Friday mornings, so will need to bring their PE kit every Friday. Both year groups will continue to do PE in school on Thursday mornings. Children need to bring their outdoor PE kits every Thursday. We will be outside, weather permitting.


As the weather heats up, can children please bring a hat into school, as well as a water bottle and have sunscreen applied before the day begins.


We are looking forward to another exciting term in school!

The Year 4/5 Team