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Spring Term

We would like to start by apologising for the delayed distribution of our newsletter! We have had a very busy term and have completed some fantastic work around our Australia topic.

The children have learnt about Aboriginal dreamtime stories and artwork. They have produced some stunning artwork and written their own dreamtime stories. This week we have started to learn about the geographical features of Australia, focusing on climate, population and physical features. The children will be developing their map reading skills and learning how to compare and make statements about how physical features have an impact on migration in Australia. Our challenge this term is “Wanted Down Under”. The children will have to create and deliver a presentation to persuade skilled people to migrate to Australia.

For family homework we would like the children to create a picture or 3D model of a famous Australian landmark, e.g. Sydney Opera House, Eyre’s Rock, The Great Barrier Reef.


We have started the term by continuing our work on fractions, decimals and percentages. To support the learning the children have used visual representations before moving onto the abstract concept. This seems to have helped them understand and retain the learning. Once we have finished this block, we will be moving onto reading and measuring angles.


The children are currently reading ‘Alone on the Wide Wide Sea by Michael Morpurgo. The story is based in 1950s Australia. An orphan from London is shipped to Australia for a ‘new’ life. It tells of the terrible hardships he faced and the adventures he had on his journey. All children are really enjoying the text. We are focusing on the use of language and developing inference skills when reading.
We are pleased to say that there will be quite a few year 5 children achieving the reading challenge by the end of term. The children that have read for at least 3 times a week over the past 12 weeks will be able to exchange their card for a brand new book from our Shaw Wood Bookshop.


As mentioned above, the children have already written some fantastic dreamtime stories based on a piece of artwork. We are also going to plan and write a non-chronological report on Australia based on the work completed through the geography lessons. The grammar focus is using the correct tense consistently and using the appropriate vocabulary for a report. Spellings will continue to be given out as homework on a Friday and the children will be tested through the week.


The children have now completed their 20-week swimming programme so will no longer be attending swimming lessons on a Thursday. All PE sessions will now be on a Thursday afternoon, so please ensure that your child has the appropriate kit. The children will be expected to have some PE lessons outside, so please ensure that they always have trainers and black or navy joggers.

Kind regards,
The Year 5 team.



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