Tamala Simmons Governor Profile

Tamala Simmons (co-opted)


My story at Shaw wood started when my now teenage children became pupils there, now my youngest has started her journey, all my children adore the school that coupled with the passion, drive and commitment of the staff is how I ended up falling into life as a governor.

Watching people who want the best for all the children as I do my own meant that for me it was an easy decision to apply.

Being part of such a diverse and interesting team is great for learning and actively putting different skills to use so we get the very best outcome for team Shaw wood.

I am currently assistant manager of a large family entertainment centre within Xscape in west Yorkshire which brings with it experience in finance HR and customer service which easily translates into governance.

I enjoy lots of varied hobbies and interests but if you ask my children, they would say I like shoes, coffee and laughing (mostly shoes).