Karen Woodstones Governor Profile

Karen Wood-Stones (Co-opted governor) – Chair

I was elected chair of governor’s at the end of 2019, which has led to an interesting start for me with the challenges that Covid-19 has presented.


I have previously been a parent governor at my daughter’s school, and a vice chair at a local secondary school.


I have 15 years experience working in governance practice, which has included risk and financial management, compliance and data protection as well as project management and information analytics. I also hold a degree in Information and Management.


I stepped down from my role on 2016 following the death of my father, to help provide support and care for my disabled mother. This opportunity provided me with the time to volunteer the skills I have, whilst providing some quality of life for my mother.


I am married to a secondary school deputy head, and we have one daughter.


My interests are varied, but I enjoy being outside as much as possible, gardening, a variety of crafts and music.


As well as chair, I also sit on both the performance and finance committees.


Karen Woodstones

Shaw Wood Academy

Mere Lane