Parent Zone

Welcome to the section of our website designed especially for parents and carers of students at Armthorpe Shaw Wood Academy. Please see the links on the left to access the information you require.

The school is looking to build partnerships with parents and carers as this is key to ensuring that children maximise their potential at school. Research has shown that where parents and carers are engaged with the work of the school, their child is more likely to achieve successful outcomes.

We aim to establish a partnership with parents and carers where:

  • We take account of parents’ and carers’ views, providing opportunities to contribute to decision-making about whole-school matters and making sure we value parents contribution regardless of whether the feedback is negative or positive.
  • We enable parents and carers to support, and make decisions about, their own child’s learning, well-being and development
  • We maintain good quality, frequent communication with parents and carers.

Each term we hold a “Parent and Carer Consultation Evening”  to seek your views on a specific aspect of the school’s work.

Further details are given in the regular Newsletters, facebooks updates, text messages and also via this website.

We encourage all parent and carers to get involved with the school in some way. For ways in which you can so this please either contact the school office.