All staff at Shaw Wood have the welfare and safeguarding of your children at heart. As a team we work together to make sure all children in school are happy. Two key staff members, fully trained in a wide variety of support and intervention programmes, dedicate all their time to supporting children and families through a range of challenging issues are Mrs Tame and Miss Rees.


Ofsted commented that at Shaw Wood:


‘A highly effective pastoral care team ensures that all pupils are supported and nurtured. The school’s provision for personal development and welfare is first-rate.’




Mrs Tame is our Behaviour Manager. She works mostly with children who are finding it difficult to manage their behaviour and provides a range of support and advice for families.




Miss Rees is our Pastoral Manager and Safeguarding Lead. She primarily supports children and families that are experiencing a range of challenging circumstances and those who may not have regular attendance.




A key programme that has been used at Shaw Wood for a number of years is Thrive and both Miss Rees and Mrs Tame are trained practitioners. Working through a carefully tailored programme the Thrive Approach positively impacts on children’s emotional and social well-being and the way in which they are able to approach their learning. As with all intervention programmes, leaders carefully monitor the impact on children. We can confidently say that Thrive is one of the most effective ways we support the emotional health and well-being of our children.


If you have any issues you would like to contact our Pastoral Team about please contact school using the link.



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