All children have the right to be protected from harm and it is the responsibility of all members of the school community to be alert to the signs and symptoms of abuse and to follow the correct procedures in order to ensure that children remain safe. Everyone in school is responsible for the safeguarding of children but key information is passed to the Pastoral Team, Mrs Campbell, Mrs Taylor and Miss Horsfield (Safeguarding Deputies).


Everyone has a responsibility to report any concerns they have that a child is being neglected or abused. Professionals can only become involved in helping a family if we know that the family is having problems.


If you have concerns about a child you can speak to your child’s teacher or another member of school staff such as the pastoral manager or a member of the leadership team. We will look into the situation and if necessary pass your concerns on to the appropriate agency. If an incident happens outside of school hours, or you feel there is an immediate risk to the safety of a child, contact children’s services or the police directly. Don’t think what if I’m wrong – think what if I’m right.




All matters relating to child protection are confidential. However, staff will not promise a child or another person reporting abuse or suspected abuse that the information will not be passed on. Staff have a professional responsibility to report all disclosures to the designated person. Information relating to child protection may be shared with other professional agencies such as children’s services.


Keeping children safe in school


By following these simple guidelines you can help to safeguard the children at Shaw Wood and yourself.


Never approach other people’s children to discuss any type of issue with them. This is unacceptable and the school will take immediate action should we discover it has happened.
Do not approach other parents if you have an issue with them or their child. This is not the right way to deal with problems and can lead to children feeling frightened and unsafe.
If you see or hear something that concerns you regarding the welfare of a child please come into school and speak to a member of staff.




If you would like to upload any photographs of your children at school events such as productions or sports days please remember that only your child should be in the picture; unless you have consent from individual parents. We have some children in school who cannot, for safety reasons, be photographed and ask for your cooperation in keeping these children safe.


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