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Term 5

We would like to say ‘welcome’ to our children who have just started. We are pleased to share that our Nursery is now full and we are looking forward to some fantastic learning opportunities over this Term.

In Maths

We will be exploring the ‘Numicon’ shapes recognising their number value by sight as this will support the children when they enter Reception. We will also begin to solve practical number problems involving finding the total number of items in two groups (an introduction to addition). We will begin to estimate small amounts of objects then check by counting them.

Communication Language and Listening (CLL)

We will be exploring stories such as: Chickin Lickin and Little Red Hen by talking about the characters and where these stories are set such as in a forest or a farm. We will also be exploring how to be illustrators by making our own versions of these

stories by thinking of different characters to draw. We will also be playing games to develop the children’s ability to hear and say initial sounds in words.

Topic: ‘Handa’s Surprise’

We will explore mixing colours, look at patterning and different textures on animal coats. This will enable the children to paint pictures with more detail. We will talk about what keeps us healthy such as healthy eating, exercise and brushing our teeth. We will talk about how the environment has changed now that it is spring. We will learn how to plant seeds, flowers and vegetables in the garden to observe how they grow and change.

What you can do at home to help your child:

Please talk about what foods are healthy or less healthy and the benefits of brushing their teeth. Continue to look for different shapes in the environment. Talk about similarities and differences between animals such as lions and tigers. Continue to practise your child’s targets little and often.

Snack: Just a reminder, snack is 50p a week, which we will collect per half term. The total for this half term is £3.50.


P.E. Will continue to be every Wednesday. This term we will continue to play games to develop turn taking and team building skills. We will also be focusing on hand eye coordination by playing games involving balancing balls on bats and throwing balls into targets.

Early Essence Update:

Thank you very much if you have accessed the system to upload pictures or videos of what your child/children are learning at home. It has been helpful to see the different skills that they are using.

Outside Area ‘update’

The children are really enjoying exploring our new sandpit. We have invested in new equipment and storage units and the children have been learning how to use these safely. Over this term we will be extending this to use the equipment to solve problems such as: estimating how many scoops of sand to fill the large/small buckets, talk about different sizes of sandcastles and what equipment would be best to transport sand from one side to the other.

Thank you for your continued support.

Nursery Team

Miss McGeachie, Miss Evans,

Mrs Godfrey, Mrs Ross

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