Nursery News

Term 3

We are very excited to welcome our new children who will be starting Nursery in the week commencing Monday 14th January.

Nursery Bear: Thank you very much to those who have already had Nursery Bear to visit their house for the weekend. This activity is encouraging the children to use the appropriate language of past tense when they are sharing all that they did with Nursery Bear.

What are we learning? Please continue to look at the posters on the ‘Parents Notice Board’ to see what the children will be learning each week. They can provide ideas of what you can do at home.

In Maths we will be counting out a small set of items and matching with the correct number card. This will support the children to be aware that the number tells us how many there are in that set. We will also be separating a small group of items in different ways but recognising the total is the same.

In Communication Language and Listening (CLL) we will continue to practise our listening skills by playing games such as: ‘Describe It Find It’ where the children need to listen to descriptions of different animals and then find them. This will then lead onto the children describing the animals for others to find. We shall also be exploring words that rhyme through playing games and singing songs.

Topic: We will be learning about the changes that take place in the environment over the winter season, as well as changes that happen to different materials such as: melting chocolate and ice. We will be exploring ‘Traditional Tales’ where

the children will listen, recall and act out the stories. We will be exploring: The Gingerbread Man, Three Little Pigs and Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

What you can do at home to help your child: To support listening and understanding skills try playing games such as ‘Simon Says’. Continue to read simple stories as often as possible talking about what you see in the pictures and asking what could happen next. Practise early number skills by counting small objects ensuring you place them in a line and touching them as you count. This can be extended by asking them to find the matching number card.

Personal Targets: we have reviewed the children’s targets. Thank you for your support with these and new targets will be sent home shortly. Please practise these little and often and if you would like some other ideas just ask a member of the Nursery Team.

Snack: Just a reminder, snack is 50p a week, which we will collect per half term. The total for this half term is £3.00 and £2.50 for children starting week commencing 14th January. This money goes towards buying different snacks and baking ingredients.

P.E. Will continue to be every Wednesday in the hall. Please ensure your child has the appropriate clothing: uniform on top and track- suit bottoms or leggings (no trainers, please wear school shoes). This half term the children will be using the large apparatus such as balance beams and horizontal ladders. Please continue to encourage your child to take their own socks and shoes off and to put them on again.


Thank you for your continued support.

Nursery Team

Miss McGeachie, Miss Evans,

Mrs Godfrey, Mrs Ross



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