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Term 2


Nursery Bears: We are always thinking about different activities to develop the children’s communication and language skills. We have purchased two toy bears and everything they will need to accompany two children home for the weekend, so over the course of the year every child will have the opportunity to take a bear home.  Each bear will have their own suitcase, clothes, pyjamas and a story book that you will be asked to read at bedtime. They will also have a note book for you to write about what the bear did over the weekend and if possible some photographs. The children will then bring the bears back to school to share this with us. This will develop the children’s ability to ask and answer questions. There will also be a more detailed letter to help you with this activity inside the bear’s suitcase.


Maths: we will continue to sing number songs and rhymes. We will also be counting children, snacks and toys. The children will be exploring how to use shapes appropriately for tasks such, as constructing buildings and making some shape pictures.

Communication Language and Listening: (CLL) we will be identifying different musical instruments and learning how to keep a rhythm. We will be exploring books, recalling what we can remember in the stories and talk about settings, characters and events. We are now asking that the children answer questions using whole sentences to support their oral language skills.


Topic: We will be exploring the story ‘The Magic Porridge Pot’. We will retell the story by acting it out. Other activities will include tasting different toppings for porridge and making magic potions by mixing colours.

What you can do at home to help your child:

  • Read simple stories as often as possible talking about what you see in the pictures and asking what could happen next.
  • Practise early number skills by counting small objects ensuring you place them in a line and touching them as you count. When they are confident with this ask them to give you a small number of objects such as: give me two pencils, three toy cars. Keep to numbers under five to begin with then extend this to ten.
  • With adult supervision practise cutting up old pictures from magazines. At first your child may only manage small snips until they develop better control through practise.


Personal Targets: your child has been given three targets to support their learning. Please practise these little and often and if you would like some other ideas to develop their skills further just ask a member of the Nursery Team.

Snack: Just a reminder, snack is 50p a week, which we will collect per half term. The total for this half term is £3.50. This money goes towards buying different snacks and baking ingredients. We have also introduced buying unusual fruit and vegetables where the children are encouraged to use their senses to describe them. We feel that this activity supports the children’s communication and language skills.


P.E. Will continue to be every Wednesday in the hall. Please ensure your child has the appropriate clothing: uniform on top and track- suit bottoms or leggings (no trainers, please wear school shoes). This half term the children are learning to balance, climb and land safely. Please continue to encourage your child to take their own socks and shoes off and to put them on again.



Thank you for your continued support.

Nursery Team

Miss McGeachie, Miss Evans,

Mrs Godfrey, Mrs Ross







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