We hope you have had a good holiday. This school year has gone so quickly and we can’t quite believe this is our last half term before the children move into Year 1. We will begin to prepare the children for the transition by talking to them about the expectations in their new class and later this term the children will find out what class they will be in and who their class teacher will be. They will take part in some transition days so they can become familiar with their teachers.

We will be focusing on an artist this half term to take part in our school’s annual Art Gallery where you will have the opportunity to look at the children’s work on show and buy their art work for a small fee which will be put towards school funds.

There are a lot of activities planned throughout school over the next few weeks including Sports Days and Open days. Please make sure you have received the school newsletter which has a calendar of all these events, a copy of this is on the notice boards just inside the classroom and information can also be found on the school website.



In literacy we are embedding already taught ideas of writing lists, labels, stories, instructions. We are focusing on using descriptive words to talk about objects and animals. Please look on the classroom working wall for the digraphs and sounds the children are working on each week. Both classes will continue to work on handwriting, we will focus on neat, small correctly formed letters and writing on a line.


In maths we will consolidating all the concepts we have taught the children throughout this year e.g. addition and subtraction, doubling, halving numbers, and recognising and ordering numbers to 20. To extend the children we will be asking the children to apply all these skills to problem solve within play activities.

In shape space and measures we will be developing the children’ s ability to talk about 2d and 3 d shapes , distances, and using the language of size. We will use the play shop to practice addition using money.  The children will continue to use non -standard measures and for some children we will introduce a centre meter ruler to measure. The groups will be working on counting higher numbers accurately.

Outline of the themes for this term

Our topic this half term is’ All Creatures Great and Small’. The children will learn to group the animals by type and draw and paint animals. We will go on a Bug Hunt around school and learn to identify mini beasts. We are looking forward to a visit from Nature Safari. The children will be able to look at a variety of mini beasts close up , learn new things about them, touch and hold them. We will hope this will give the children inspiration to talk and write about what they have seen and learned about the animals and produce some fantastic art work.


We would like you and your child to make a model or picture of an animal and write a sentence about it. This could be a jungle animal, pet, mini beast, or sea creature etc.  we would like as much variety as possible in order to create discussion within the classroom.  Please include the children in the making process as much as possible, it is important that it is their own work and that they are able to talk about their art work in front of a small group of their friends. When writing a sentence please allow the children to sound out as many of the words themselves even if they are not spelt correctly.  Bring them into school throughout the half term and we will display these in our classrooms. Enjoy being creative and good luck!

As ever if you have any queries about any aspect of school please do not hesitate to see us.

The Foundation team.

> World Book Day

Reception had a fantastic time dressing up as people who help us to celebrate world book day  we had police officers, dance teachers, football coaches, nurses and  doctors,  bakers, shop keepers  and fire fighters. We enjoyed looking at non fiction books to find out about the different people working within our community as well as reading other fantastic stories.




> Transport

During our transport topic, Reception visited York’s Railway Museum. The children had the opportunity to dress up, join in with an interactive Punch and Judy show and explore the vast collections of trains that were in the museum. Despite the rain, the children also enjoyed a ride on the miniature train ride!

> Teddy Bear’s Picnic

The children in Reception have enjoyed bringing their teddy bears into school for a picnic. Our teddy bears joined us for the entire day, they even joined in with our maths lesson! We spent the day tasting porridge with honey and jam and eating crumpets with our bears.

> Languages Day

Ethan: “I liked it when we had scones for snacks.”

Zuzanna: “My favourite was making the flags.”

Annie: “I liked walking around the playground where everyone was.”

Alex: “I liked playing rugby.”



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