A note from Mrs Hodgkinson and Miss McCay……

The children are now settling well and adapting to the new routines of being in school full time.

We have already started our Weekly Timetable.  P.E. days are on a Tuesday and Thursday, please make sure the children bring their P.E. kit on a Monday and leave it in school until Friday. They will need a round neck white or light blue t-shirt and blue or black shorts. They will not need trainers.

Please ensure the children bring a water bottle to school at the beginning of the week and change the water daily in the morning. They should also bring their book bags every day.

We will continue Library day every Wednesday. We will open our door 10mins early to give you the opportunity to choose a book with your child for you to take home. Please ensure you check the book out with an adult before taking it home. The books need to be returned in their book bags the following Monday.

Some areas for development this term

In literacy we will be focusing on teaching the children their initial letter sounds, ensuring they know all of them and that they can hear these sounds in words.

We will be teaching the children how to form the letters correctly and apply this when writing their name during their morning activities.

We are holding a short literacy session on October 4th at 2.30pm for teachers to explain how we teach the children to read and write and give you ideas of how you can best support them.

In maths we will be focusing on recognising, counting and ordering numbers to 5, and 10.

We will be focusing on the children’s ability to use a pencil with increasing control through lots of fine motor activities.

Outline of the themes for this term

Our topic this half term is ‘All about Me’. We will be getting to know each other through circle times.  We will look at how they are different to others and how they have grown from being a baby. We will talk about what they like and dislike. To help us with this we would like the children to bring in a photo of when they were a baby to talk about and put on our display.


How you can help your child?

Encourage independence, let your child have a go on their own first! You could use a star chart to encourage them to do activities themselves such as dressing and undressing. Please give your child a knife and fork to eat their main meal and a spoon for their pudding and encourage them to use them independently.

Find fun ways to learn and practice letter names and sound e.g .Eye Spy, playing teachers at home and getting them to teach you the letters and sounds, go on a sound hunt find things beginning with specific letters.

We want to encourage a passion for reading and books. This can be done through you reading to your child as well as them reading to you. Talk about the pictures; give the characters in the story names. Introduce the children to new vocabulary, make up a story, and ask questions. Most importantly let your child talk about the book.

Encourage your child to practice writing their first and last names. Please only use capital letters for the first letter.

Point out numbers, look at computer games that encourage number recognition. Count everything!

And finally…

Try to ensure your child gets a good night’s sleep. Adapting to full time school is tiring. The children are on the go, learning something new each day. It can be exciting but also exhausting!!!

Please check your child’s book bag regularly for information on new aspects of their learning and ways you can support this at home.

We will shortly be giving out individual targets for the children to work towards and activities to help them do this at home.

As ever if you have any queries about any aspect of school please do not hesitate to see us.


The Reception Team  

> World Book Day

Reception had a fantastic time dressing up as people who help us to celebrate world book day  we had police officers, dance teachers, football coaches, nurses and  doctors,  bakers, shop keepers  and fire fighters. We enjoyed looking at non fiction books to find out about the different people working within our community as well as reading other fantastic stories.




> Transport

During our transport topic, Reception visited York’s Railway Museum. The children had the opportunity to dress up, join in with an interactive Punch and Judy show and explore the vast collections of trains that were in the museum. Despite the rain, the children also enjoyed a ride on the miniature train ride!

> Teddy Bear’s Picnic

The children in Reception have enjoyed bringing their teddy bears into school for a picnic. Our teddy bears joined us for the entire day, they even joined in with our maths lesson! We spent the day tasting porridge with honey and jam and eating crumpets with our bears.

> Languages Day

Ethan: “I liked it when we had scones for snacks.”

Zuzanna: “My favourite was making the flags.”

Annie: “I liked walking around the playground where everyone was.”

Alex: “I liked playing rugby.”



> Letters

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