School Council


At Shaw Wood Academy, the thoughts and feelings of our pupils are important to us which is why we have a school council to represent the pupils.  The School Council meet with Mrs Mead every two weeks, and come up with ideas to improve the school and then report these ideas back to the Senior Leadership Team.

Over the coming weeks, the School Council will be working with the Key Stage 2 classes to vote for a new local charity for the school to support.  This will help the children to get a better understanding of the voting system and how we can support our community.  

This year, the School Council are continuing to develop our garden area.  We have already started to plan what we would like to grow next year as well as thinking of other ways we can use the garden to reduce our impact on the environment.

The School Council aim to support this eco-friendly approach by starting an Eco-Schools committee. The committee will work with Mrs Mead and take part in eco-friendly schemes throughout the year.

School Council Car Parking Attendant Letter

> IKEA Eco Project

At Shaw Wood, we are always looking for new and exciting ways to look after the environment.

We recently heard about an eco project run by IKEA and thought it would be an ideal opportunity for the children to learn more about the environment. The project started with the school council gathering ideas as to how we as a school could protect the planet.  The school council brought together the ideas and chose the best ones.

They then voted for the one that they thought was the most practical and the most beneficial.  The chosen project included a vegetable garden to grow food, rain water collection to water the crops and a compost bin to reduce food waste. Six children were then invited to the IKEA site in Armthorpe to present the project in a Dragon’s Den style pitch.

We were recently informed that we were successful in our pitch and will be receiving a grant from IKEA to make the project a reality. We look forward to starting the project!