Year 2

Dear Parents,

Topic: This half term we will be continuing to learn about famous people throughout history. We have looked at the artists George Seurat and Andy Warhol and will now be moving onto learning about famous inventors and famous people in the medical profession. Some of these people are: Thomas Edison, Emelia Earhart, Robert Stephenson and Mary Seacole.


Family homework

We would like you to help your child research one of the above famous people. If you have no access to the internet you could find out about these people in non-fiction books or visit your local library.



This half term in Mr Penno’s group, we will be focusing on measurements of length, capacity and weight and how these can be compared. We will also be working out how to show ¼ ½, 1/3, 2/4 and ¾ in different ways. Children will be learning how to tell the time to the nearest 15 or 5 minutes.

In Miss Kelly’s maths group we will be revisiting lots of topics in preparation for the SATs. These include addition and subtraction using the column method. Looking at division including remainders, fractions, time to the nearest five minutes and answering two step word problems.

Literacy This half term the children will continue to produce work relating to The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch. We will be having a picnic relating to the story and writing a recount about it. Next we will be moving onto story writing, re-telling stories and changing the endings.


This half term pupils will be learning about electricity and materials that conduct electricity.

 Physical Education

P.E. will take place outside. Pupils will be working on skills that link to hockey. Children will require an outdoor PE kit including the appropriate footwear.

Please ensure your child reads regularly at home as well as continuing to practise their spellings.

As well as this, children need to continue to practise their tables (2’s, 3’s, 5’s and 10’s) and number bonds to 20.

Year 2 SATS

Year 2 will take their SATs test the week commencing the 7th May.

Your child will sit their test in their classroom with their class teacher. The children will take their tests in small groups to be as relaxed as possible.

Please can you ensure that all children have a water bottle with them so that they remain focussed throughout the day.

Thank you for your continued support.

Miss Kelly & Mr Penno

> Picnic Challenge

> Doncaster Market Burger Challenge

> Attendance Challenge

During the challenge Foxes class achieved 96.9% attendance. They had the highest attendance in Key Stage 1 and were rewarded with a pizza party.



> Science – Insulators!

In science, Year 2 have been investigating insulators. We conducted an experiment to test which material was the best insulator to keep liquid warm.

> Art – The Aurora Lights!

In art, Year 2 have been looking at the Aurora lights and have had a go at drawing our own Aurora landscape. We have used brightly coloured chalk onto black paper to get a really good effect.


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