Year 3

Year 3 Newsletter   


Dear Parents,



This term we will be learning about the Romans. We will be looking at Roman traditions, where they lived and their lifestyles. On Friday 16th November we are visiting Doncaster Museum, where the children will participate in a range of exciting activities linked to the topic.


This half term Miss Kelly’s group will be working on 2, 3, 5, 10, 4 and 8 timetables. The children will begin to learn how to record long multiplication and division. They will be learning about money in £ and pence. Also linked to our topic, we will look at time using Roman numerals.

Mr Penno’s group will be looking at multiplication and division of 2, 3, 5, and 10s. The children will focus on rote chanting and learning the 4 and 8 times tables.   They will also be looking at money using £ and pence.                


The children will be writing their own stories based on Pompeii. They will be writing facts about the Romans and how they lived. They will also be looking at newspaper reports.

Mr Penno’s group will be focussing on grammar, spellings and using different conjunctions.

Miss Kelly’s group will be focussing on basic punctuation and using contractions in their writing, such as I’ll & we’ll . The children will also continue to look at different conjunctions. They will be focussing on prefixes e.g (un, mis, dis) suffixes (-ion, ly, able).


This term the children will be learning about forces and magnets. They will be focussing on friction and how Roman chariots move on different surfaces.


Physical Education

This half term the children will be doing gymnastics.  Your child will need their indoor P.E. kits on a Tuesday but still bring outdoor kit in case the hall is unavailable.                                        

Family Homework

We would like you to make anything linked to Romans, for example a chariot, soldier, shield or a piece of art work. We would like it returned by 19th November.


ICT The children will continue to be taught all about E-Safety and will be using laptops to research about our topic.


Please ensure your child reads regularly as well as continuing to practise their spellings, which they are given every Tuesday. In addition ensure your child is also accessing bug club whenever possible, as this has comprehension questions linked to the reading.


Your child will have received their homework on a Friday and must be returned by the following Thursday.

Thank you for all your support.

Miss Kelly and Mr Penno

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