Year 4

Welcome to Year 4! We hope you all had a fantastic summer break, the children are well rested and looking forward to an exciting year in our classes.



This half term we will be learning about ‘The Seven Wonders of the World’.  Over the next few weeks we will be learning all about the seven wonders, including where they are located in the world. As well as learning about the wonders, we will be exploring Egypt in great detail. The children will learn how this magnificent country has developed over time, and will have the opportunity to compare past with present. In order to support our learning, we have planned a visit to Hull Theatre to see a performance by The Horrible Histories’ Awful Egyptians. 



This half term, we will focus heavily on place value and number work. One area for development will be  addition and subtraction, this will involve problem solving activities that link with other areas of maths e.g. measure. This will enable the children to practice using a variety of strategies that link to real life situations.


In year four, times tables will be a regular feature in maths lessons. The expectation set by the government is that ALL Y4 children are expected to be able to recall the multiplication facts up to 12 X 12. Therefore, we will working hard with the children to support their learning. We would appreciate it if you could assist your child with this at home. We have sent home a times table support sheet and we will update you with their progress at regular intervals.



This half term we will be concentrating on persuasive writing. The writing will link to our topic work and we hope to be able to produce a range of persuasive adverts. In order to support our writing, we will incorporate a range of drama techniques and hope that this will spark the children’s enthusiasm.  Sentence structure, punctuation and grammar will follow through all our independent writing.



This year we are putting a particular emphasis on spelling and we would appreciate it if you could support your child with learning the year 3/4 spelling list at home. Spelling will be a regular feature in our weekly homework, and we will send home a list of the 10 spellings we would like you to focus on that week.  We will also be sending home a copy of the list if you would like to do some additional work.



The first half term of year four will be spent learning about ‘Animals Including Humans’ and ‘Living Things’. The children will learn about food chains, classifying and grouping living things and how we as humans impact upon the environment. We hope to be able to use our lovely outdoor space to further enhance our learning.



PE will take place on a Friday morning each week. Kit required consists of a plain white or blue t- shirt and navy blue or black shorts. PE sessions will still be outside weather permitting therefore can you please ensure that your child has a pair of trainers, they can also wear a plain navy or black zipped top without a hood and plain bottoms or a plain dark tracksuit.


Family Homework

At home with your child we would like you to create an Egyptian model e.g. a pyramid, mummy, Pharaoh or mask. Try to be as imaginative as possible, we love to see a variety! You may find it useful to use old shoe boxes and other recycling to create the structure. We would like to see as many 3D models as possible but if you are not able to do so you may like to draw or paint a picture. If you require any paper or card please just ask. We would like to remind you that we have a limited amount of space for display purposes so please be mindful of this when completing the project.

We kindly ask that you bring your completed homework into school by Friday 12th October.


We are all looking forward to an exciting Autumn Term with Year 4!


 If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us, we’re always here to help.



Miss Davies, Miss Wood



and Mr Gelsthorpe

> Year 4 Production – Olivier!

Year 4 are preparing for their production of Olivier. We have provided the tracks for the children to practice at home and learn the lyrics.


Downloadable Song Lyrics



Orphans (Reprised)

Happiness Somewhere


I want to be a Lady

Good Times

Lets go to the Opera

If there’s a Star

That’s Life

The Charity Rag

Who am I?

Here Comes the Judge

The Criminal’s Song

The Convict’s Child

The Criminal’s Song (Reprised)

If There’s a Star (Reprised)

Olivier Finale



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