Year 5


G’day! This term our topic is Australia. We will develop our geography and writing skills focusing on Australia’s vast landscape, landmarks and cities. We will spend time exploring the how Australia is split into different territories. Each territory has a range of desserts, rainforests, mountains and lakes so we will discover how changeable the climate and vegetation is as you cross Australia!  We will spend time looking at Australia’s vast range of natural resources before discovering why most human settlements are on the east or south coast. This topic gives us the opportunity to write non-chronological reports as well as letters of persuasion discussing which place is best to live and why.

Our challenge this term is to create a new settlement answering such questions as; Will the climate be suitable for humans? Is there a local water supply? What transport links and job opportunities are there?

We are really excited and can’t wait to get started.


This term both classes will focus on decimals, fractions and percentages. We will be working to decimals as small as thousandths. Children will have the opportunity to draw pictures and diagrams, convert units of measurement and solve problems to deepen their knowledge. We will then be learning how to convert decimals into fraction and decimals. This will ensure that children have a solid platform to build upon during the summer term.


This term we will have lots of opportunities to write in a variety of styles. We shall look at balanced arguments based on the different clothes teenagers wanted to wear. Later in the term we will develop our persuasion skills as we write letters to factory bosses to persuade them that women deserve the same wages as men. Children will also research and complete biographies on famous icons of the 1960’s.

PE/ Swimming

This term we will be practicing our skills in tag rugby and gymnastics. P.E will take place on a Friday afternoon each week. The kit required consists of a plain white or blue t- shirt and navy blue or black shorts. Please be aware that PE sessions will still be outside weather permitting. Therefore, it is vitally important that your child has a pair of trainers, a plain navy or black zipped top without a hood and plain bottoms or a plain dark tracksuit. We have very limited spare kit available so please ensure that your child’s kit is in school every week.  Swimming will continue this half term and the classes will alternate each week to walk to Armthorpe Leisure Centre.

Homework/ Homework Club

Homework is given out on a Friday and collected the next Friday. It should normally consist of spellings, maths and English that is linked to our learning that week in class. Children have the opportunity to attend homework club on a Wednesday lunch time. They can ask questions and be given support by members of the Year 5 team.

Family Homework

At home with your child we would like you to design and/or create a model of a famous landmark/ animal or sea creature related to Australia.  Try to be as imaginative as possible as they can be 2d or 3d using any type of art medium, e.g. paper, wood, card, polystyrene. Please bring this completed homework in by Friday 1st March.


 Thank you for your continued support.

Mrs Brewster and Mr McMahon

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