Whole School Events

> Shaw Wood Fun Day

> Google Interland

Today Google came in to speak to the children in Key Stage 2 about how to be safe on the internet. The interactive sessions were a lot of fun that also shared some very key messages about how to protect yourself and how to treat others online.

Click here for the link to Interland that can be used at home.


> British Council Photos

During the visit by the British Council, we have had many high quality professional photographs taken of the school and of the children during lessons.


> Fundraising Cake Bake

A huge thanks to those of you that donated to and/or attended the Cake Bake sale on Friday last week. I am sure, like me, many of you were overwhelmed and quite emotional at the incredible response we received from the community.

Thanks to the generosity of families, both to the non-uniform event and to the Cake Bake sale, we were able to raise a massive £1362.90. Armthorpe Academy have already contributed a further £350 which brings the overall total for the family to £1,712.90.

Thank you too to parents and staff who donated hamper items for the family and to Morrisons Supermarket who continue to support Shaw Wood with generous donations.

My sincerest thanks again.
Jo Campbell