School Development Plan

School Development Plan 2020/21


The 2021/22 School Improvement Plan has been drawn up following unprecedented levels of regression in attainment due to the Covid pandemic. With the exception of ‘key worker’ families, most children lost 4 months of learning in the summer of 2020 and a subsequent 3 months in winter 2021. Uptake and quality of remote learning was evident and the corresponding levels of progress and attainment variable. Comprehensive assessment was carried out prior to the end of summer term and analysis undertaken. Gaps in learning have been identified as has underachievement based on prior attainment. A Covid Catch Up document has been produced which utilises the government funding allocated – the focus of this work will be with upper KS2 and in the subjects of reading and maths. As is standard practice at Shaw Wood, priorities for the year are included in this document; shorter term objectives and actions are planned on a termly basis allowing for focused and rigorous impact monitoring – which will then feed in to further planned objectives and actions for the following terms.
Whilst senior leadership remains stable and strong, the loss of key staff members has resulted in less expertise across school at middle leadership level. Key aspects of monitoring will be undertaken by senior leaders and established staff at the beginning of the year. Middle leadership development will be a priority and the expectation for increased involvement will increase as the year progresses.

School Improvement Priorities
Priority 1

Ensure that the teaching and assessment of writing is focused, effectively meets the needs of all learners and results in accelerated progress throughout school

Priority 2

Implement and rigorously monitor the impact of specific interventions in Upper Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 1 to support accelerated learning in maths and reading

Priority 3

Develop practice for middle leaders so that monitoring and analysis are rigorous and that subsequent actions impact positively on school improvement

Priority 4

To establish better community interaction and partnerships and provide services and opportunities that effectively support parents, children and the school

Strategic Monitoring
Each priority will be led by a member of SLT
Jo Campbell will monitor the progress of each area towards impact against success criteria
Governors are responsible for the monitoring and challenge of the plan within their strategic role
SLT Lead

Jo Campbell

SLT Lead

Lindsey Taylor

SLT Lead

Anna Horsfield

SLT Lead

Matthew Ridley

Quantitative data will be used to evaluate impact. The breadth of data and targets, particularly following Covid, is extensive. Attainment and progress targets for year groups, subjects and specific groups of children are therefore included in a separate appendix (1).