School Development Plan 2021/22


We were very pleased with our 2020 Ofsted report which valued the excellent work at Shaw Wood and what we achieve for our children and community.


However, plans to improve on the areas recommended by Ofsted were overtaken by issues arising from successive lockdown of school in 2020 and 2021.


Our improvement plan now focuses on ensuring that children make rapid progress so that they make up for lost learning quickly and are able to attain at a stage appropriate for their age.


In 2021/22 our School Improvement Plan includes the priorities as shown below and includes details of which staff have been allocated to work in which area



School Improvement Teams and Priorities



The focus of this term’s SDP is to ensure that teachers are making careful and accurate use of ongoing assessment to evaluate the impact of learning and are planning subsequent lessons to effectively meet the learning needs of pupils.




Ensure quality first teaching is underpinned by accurate and timely assessment, making sure that defined end points are taught where possible and that pace is maintained for maximum acceleration of progress.


Maths:                Ensure all aspects of maths are thoroughly taught – focus for the

                           remaining term to be addressing defined end points in areas other

                             than calculation.


Writing :             Ensure high expectations for quality and quantity throughout school –

                          appropriate to the developmental stage of the individual child


Reading:             Year 1:         Ensure high emphasis on phonic teacher as children develop

                                               the necessary skills to write

                             Year 2:         Focus on developing fluency for those working within Y1


                             Year 3 – 6:   Ensure planning and delivery logically addresses questioning

                                                 skills so that they are sequentially taught, modelled,

                                                   practised, understood and applied independently


QFT Audit:     Evaluate the quality and impact of provision for all children, particularly

                     those who show high levels of regression, so that any gaps in

                         teacher skills knowledge and understanding can be addressed.



Strategic Monitoring: Jo Campbell / Governors

Matt Ridley to monitor spending against allocated catch up funding



Maths Team


Heather Ward


Ellie Carter


Stacie Scoffield


Stacey Hackney


Sandra McGeachie



Reading Team


Rachel Hornsby


Emma Gibson


Steve McMahon


Jess Lenaghan


Emily Adams



Writing Team


Paddy Carroll


Lee Penno


Ann Wood


Ceri Hodgkinson


Gareth Hughes


QFT Audit


Leadership Team


Lindsey Taylor and Claire Kelly will work specifically to evaluate provision for SEN children in class


Governors monitor the impact of School Development Plan as an agenda item within the School Improvement Committee


Improvement Team Leaders will provide impact reports on a termly basis.


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